Spring into action!

Welcome back all! This has been a fantastic first few weeks back to school. The children have been getting into their new topics, recapping their learning and developing the skills that we have been looking at last term.

Along with looking at Light and Dark in Science, they have also become ACE geographers, learned to work together in their PSHE lessons and have learned new techniques in art to become ACE artists.

After seeing how well they have dived into their learning, I can’t wait to see how they will progress through this term as they spring back into action after Christmas.

Seeing their behaviour improve and watching them mature more as people has also been rewarding as their teacher. The jump from Y2 to Y3 is a big one. The work and expectations increase by quite a bit. So to see them take this on board and really come into their own has been heart-warming.

Have a look at the photos for the last few weeks and I am sure you will agree they have been having some wonderful learning experiences.

Warmest regards,

Mr Arnett

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