We are back!

We are finally back online! Hello all and welcome back to the 3LA blog. After a topsy-turvy first half-term settling in and quite a few weeks of being unable to get onto the blog, I can now make another post about our amazing class.

This last week we have been on a trip to Murton Park and what a trip it was. So many of the pupils really enjoyed their time there and many of the adults did too. I was so proud to see not just how engaged they were in their learning but how much knowledge they have retained and how well they worked together.

They have been a credit to themselves and to the Stone Age people they have been emulating. Please enjoy the photos and I look forward to writing to you all next week.

Warmest regards,

Mr. Arnett

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1 thought on “We are back!

  1. strange what the european stone age man was up to…not far off what new age stone age man was up to…sitting around a fire to sitting around a television

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