Shining a light on Science

This week we have been shining a light on Science, literally!

The children learned about reflective surfaces this week and have been learning also about light sources.

To help them consolidate their learning, they were given a task to do and had to become ACE scientists. They took a torch and investigated across the classroom which surfaces are reflective and which surfaces absorb light.

We discovered some surfaces can be a bit reflective and some can be really reflective!

Hopefully, they themselves can reflect on this weeks learning ready for next week.

Warm regards,

Mr Arnett

Spring into action!

Welcome back all! This has been a fantastic first few weeks back to school. The children have been getting into their new topics, recapping their learning and developing the skills that we have been looking at last term.

Along with looking at Light and Dark in Science, they have also become ACE geographers, learned to work together in their PSHE lessons and have learned new techniques in art to become ACE artists.

After seeing how well they have dived into their learning, I can’t wait to see how they will progress through this term as they spring back into action after Christmas.

Seeing their behaviour improve and watching them mature more as people has also been rewarding as their teacher. The jump from Y2 to Y3 is a big one. The work and expectations increase by quite a bit. So to see them take this on board and really come into their own has been heart-warming.

Have a look at the photos for the last few weeks and I am sure you will agree they have been having some wonderful learning experiences.

Warmest regards,

Mr Arnett

Reading in 3LA

Good Evening all,

These last few weeks we have been making a few improvements to our reading area and it is looking better and better every week!

While it has been a little difficult to get some things to make the reading area more comfortable, we’ve managed to make a few additions to the area. Much to the pupils amusement and enjoyment.

Reading is a big focus now in 3LA and anyway we can get the pupils engaged in their reading, at home and at school, will be fantastic. We are really pushing for the joy of reading in class right now.

Remember to ask your children lots of questions about the books they are reading and, as always, let them lose themselves in their books and stories!

As Dr. Seuss said:

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

ACE Historians and Scientists

For the last few weeks in 3LA, we have been looking at the construction of our bodies in Science and also the progression of the Bronze Age in History. Suffice to say, the pupils have been finding this interesting and they particularly enjoyed our new addition to the class, Steve the Skeleton.

They even helped him out by labelling is bones for him. How thoughtful!

Let’s wait and see what next week has in store for us!

No Pens Day

Last week, we celebrated No Pens Day in 3LA. This meant tat for the whole day, the kids did not touch or go near a pencil. All of our learning was verbal and through discussion and drama or crafting.

The children absolutely loved this and cannot wait to try this again.

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was Anti-Bullying week here at Allerton Primary. We all had an open discussion about bullying, talked at length about what we can do to help ourselves and how to manage our own emotions.

Most children and adults today have at some point experienced bullying in some form. So education the children about what it entails today is really beneficial for their social development.

We led a march for Anti-Bullying and really made our voices heard!

TT Rockstars

This is an update post from our TT Rockstars event last week. As a celebration of competing in TT Rockstars challenges, we were able to dress up as rockstars and dress up we did!

We were all cool(er) for the day and the kids really enjoyed the freedom of expression it gave them.

We can wait to see what else our rockstars will be doing next!

We are back!

We are finally back online! Hello all and welcome back to the 3LA blog. After a topsy-turvy first half-term settling in and quite a few weeks of being unable to get onto the blog, I can now make another post about our amazing class.

This last week we have been on a trip to Murton Park and what a trip it was. So many of the pupils really enjoyed their time there and many of the adults did too. I was so proud to see not just how engaged they were in their learning but how much knowledge they have retained and how well they worked together.

They have been a credit to themselves and to the Stone Age people they have been emulating. Please enjoy the photos and I look forward to writing to you all next week.

Warmest regards,

Mr. Arnett

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First Week in Year 3!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We have had an exciting week back this week at Allerton CE Primary. The pupils and I have been getting acquainted with one another and they have made such an effort this week considering it is only the first week back at school!

To get started this week, we have read through the story Kevin the Koala to explore what it feels like to come out of your shell, started thinking about what will be in store for us with our new Stone Age topic. Finally, we look at our class poem ‘Tell me a Dragon’ and have made a poem of our very own dragons! The pupils then drew up their dragons to bring them to life.

This week’s Incredibles are Declan, Leon, Jack, Murewa, Elika and Izzy. For showing kindness, being helpful and demonstrating exemplary behaviour. Well done to all of you!
Next week we will get our teeth (and tusks!) into our Stone Age topic and our rocks and fossils lesson in Science. Remember that our PE lessons will start from Monday, so make sure you come into school in your PE kits.

I can’t wait to see you all again for our first full week back at school.

Warmest regards,

Mr Arnett